The new wireless standard for inspiring events

Why is Private 5G the new Wireless Standard for Events?

Imagine a world where your event wireless never lets you down. Where you can deliver stunning, immersive experiences without worrying about connectivity or reliability. Wouldn't it be great if you could push the boundaries of what's possible, knowing your wireless will keep up every step of the way? That's the world Waveriders is creating with our new wireless standard, purpose-built for the unique demands of events.

100% Coverage

100% Coverage on Day One

Our private 5G networks provide complete coverage for your event, ensuring no dead zones or interruptions.

Built for Critical Services

Built for Critical Services

Waveriders Wireless is designed to support the critical operations of your event.

Built for Creators

Built for Creators

Our private 5G network enables seamless video transmission and production, empowering your creative teams, both on-site and remote.

What We Do

We share event creators and production managers' passion for enhancing guest experiences. At Waveriders Wireless, we create custom private 5G networks to support critical services at live events, from brand activations to large conferences. We are driven to innovate with technology to improve wireless services for both production and guest experiences.

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Wouldn't it be great if your event wireless delivered more wonder than worry? Talk to Waveriders Wireless today and let's explore what's possible, together.